Maternity Reflexology for Pregnancy

What do you do when you are pregnant?

Reflexology in pregnancy during this very special and exciting time it is very important for both mum and baby. Some women are able to adjust to the hormonal changes easily some find it harder.

Reflexology is suitable for minor pregnancy conditions and is particularly good at easing stress, anxiety. It also gives you time to focus on yourself and baby whilst it aims to optimise both your physical and emotional health.

Weekly, fortnightly or monthly appointments are available, even a few sessions can help with stress, anxiety and relaxation.

Can reflexology induce and shorten labour?

Your baby will arrive naturally when it is ready, however working certain points on the feet can help to prepare and encourage your body for labour. You are unlikely to go into labour straight away but some mum's to be find that they go naturally into labour within 24 to 48 hours. Reflexology will support the body and promote relaxation at a time when maybe you start to feel a little anxious.

This study showed how reflexology in pregnancy significantly reduced pain during labour and reduced the length of the first stage of labour.Valiani M et al (2010) Reviewing the effect of reflexology on pain and outcomes of the labour of primiparous women, Iranian Journal of Nursing and Midwifery Research 15 Dec p302-31

Research has shown that reflexology throughout pregnancy can help to speed up and shorten labour, by Dr Gowri Motha - " The Gentle Birth Method".

Post Pregnancy

After pregnancy you may be suffering with a change or drop in your hormones, experiencing exhaustion and a lack of sleep. Or maybe recovering from a difficult labour, or feeling totally overwhelmed especially if its your first baby. Reflexology is a deeply relaxing and calming that can help restore your emotions, sleep patterns, and help with breastfeeding. It also very important to look after yourself, whilst giving you some valuable time to yourself.