After giving birth comes the 4th trimester – you may have had a natural birth, a quick birth, or a long and difficult birth all of these can be difficult emotionally to come to terms with. Also there are lots of new changes and readjusting to be made as this new little person takes over your life.

You may feel overwhelmed as a result of  these changes whilst the drop in  your hormones levels may also be playing a major part. Whilst this is totally normal this can have a major effect on your emotions. Exhaustion, lack of sleep and feeding difficulties might make you experience very low mood.

Breast feeding uses up considerable amounts of energy and for some women reflexology sessions may aid milk flow and help minimise soreness.

The balancing, harmonising and restoring qualities of reflexology may be very beneficial at this time.

Reflexology is a deeply relaxing treatment that may assist with the following:-

  • calm and ease anxiety
  • restore your emotions
  • help restore your sleep patterns
  • improve your energy levels
  • whilst giving you some valuable time to yourself.

Ideally let your partner or family take over for a short time so you can take some time out for yourself to relax and maybe catch up on some sleep during your session giving your body time to relax and increase your wellbeing.

If this is not possible bring your baby with you and have your baby lying on you during your session so that you can both benefit from the session.

Reflexology, is a natural therapy which helps support the body and emotions  helping it  return to its non-pregnant state.