How does exercise affect your hormones?

Sep 28 2023

How does exercise affect your hormones?

How does exercise affect your hormones?   Whatever age you are, exercise should be a regular part of your life.   Why?   Keeping active encourages the body to maintain strength, supporting our cardiovascular, immune, digestive, respiratory and other systems – including the endocrine/hormone system.   How does exercise affect your hormones and what kind…
Fertility Positive Mindset

Oct 5 2022

Fertility Positive Mindset

Fertility Positive Mindset An unhealthy mindset are ideas that we may have heard and hold too. Which can negatively affect our physical health and fertility positive mindset. You may have fears about pregnancy, birth or becoming a parent. You may have previously experienced a difficult pregnancy or birth.  Unhealthy beliefs can be concerns about how…
Tips for getting pregnant at 40

Jan 17 2022

Tips for getting pregnant at 40

Tips for getting pregnant at 40   Tips for getting pregnant at 40. There are many different reasons for getting pregnant at 40. Often you haven’t met the right person or you have been busy with your career  or it just hasn’t been the right time. It is possible and many have but the percentage…
When are you going to have a baby

Aug 16 2021

When are you going to have a baby

When are you going to have a baby When are you going to have a baby. When are you going to get a life! Client’s often tell me how pressured they feel when family and friends keep asking when are you going to have a baby. This can create a lot of emotional worry, stress,…
The two week wait

Jun 15 2021

The two week wait

The two week wait The two week wait. This is when you are waiting to find out if you have conceived after IVF treatment. It is a very difficult and agonising period of time for women and couples waiting to find out if they are pregnant. Assessing every little possible pregnancy symptom. High stress levels…
Basal Body Temperature

Jun 2 2021

Basal Body Temperature

Basal Body Temperature Basal Body Temperature. The reason for temperature charting is  to determine the few days when ovulation is likely to take place. Knowing this can obviously help with increasing the chances of conception taking place, which helps to remove the stress and pressure that you can find yourself under. You begin with taking…
The Menopause

May 22 2021

The Menopause

  The Menopause The Menopause. I entered the menopause not really knowing that much about it probably like most of us. Although I had been experiencing various/changing symptoms during the peri-menopause it came as a bit of a shock. The menopause is when our hormones can rapidly decline. I was looking for something to help…
Preparing to give birth

Apr 27 2021

Preparing to give birth

Preparing to give birth Preparing to give birth. Reflexology health in pregnancy during this very special and exciting time it is great for both mum and baby. Some women are able to adjust to the hormonal changes easily as we are all different it’s not the same for everyone. You may have stopped working or…
5 Tips for boosting fertility

Apr 14 2021

5 Tips for boosting fertility

5 Tips for boosting fertility 5 Tips for boosting fertility. I am often asked by couples my advice  on boosting fertility. Small changes can make a difference. It is also important to remember that on average it can take between 8 months and one year to conceive. So don’t be hard on yourself if it…
Tips for a good night's sleep

Mar 18 2021

Tips for a good night’s sleep

Tips for a good night’s sleep   Tips for a good night’s sleep. How often do you find that you are longing for a good night’s sleep. Without enough sleep you tend to be less alert, have memory problems and a lack of concentration. Making you feel more irritable, as small problems start to magnify…
Fertility and diet

Feb 22 2021

Fertility and diet

Fertility and diet Fertility and diet. Lots of women are exhausted keeping going constantly and a lack of sleep. This constant stress can deplete the body of vital nutrients that are need for fertility. We suggest eating a Mediterranean Diet. Fertility and diet This way way of eating gives you a wide range of fruit…
Feeling stressed

Feb 19 2021

Feeling stressed

Feeling stressed Feeling stressed. Stress is our body’s way of responding to any sort of demand or threat. When you sense danger real or otherwise your body goes into fight or flight mode. Known as the stress response it is your body’s way of protecting you. Feeling stressed is difficult to avoid as we all…
secondary infertility

Feb 17 2021

Secondary infertility

Secondary infertility Liz came to see me for reflexology struggling with secondary infertility  Her first child had taken 2 years to conceive. They had been trying for a second for over 3 years. All tests had been taken via their GP and had come back clear.   Due to an irregular menstrual cycle Liz had been…
Stress and hormones

Feb 15 2021

Balancing hormones

  Balancing hormones Balancing hormones can make a big difference to how you feel. They go out of balance very easily as a result of stress, diet and lifestyle. The endocrine system  (hormones)  is an intricate network of glands which secrete hormones  on which every bodily activity is dependent directly into the blood. Changing our…
period problems

Feb 13 2021

Period Problems

Period Problems   Here are my tips for period problems. There are a lots that we can do to help with period problems and take care of our hormone system. Keeping stress levels down. Make sure you take some time out. Hormones go out of balance very easily particularly as a result of stress. It’s…
first trimester of pregnancy

Feb 11 2021

First trimester of pregnancy

First trimester of pregnancy? “A question I’m asked a lot is … Is reflexology safe in the first trimester of pregnancy?” This can feel like a very stressful time for some both emotionally and physically. I have treated many ladies in the first trimester of pregnancy. They tell me that they find their reflexology sessions…

Going through IVF

Going through IVF   Client’s often come and see me when they are about to start or going through IVF treatment. It can be a tough journey especially as they have already been on a roller coaster of emotions getting to this stage. Why Repro Reflexology? I undertook specialised training which means I can work…
reproductive reflexology

Feb 11 2021

Reproductive reflexology

What is reproductive reflexology? It is not a foot massage and it’s definitely not a magic wand. But it is an evidence based natural approach for fertility.   How does reproductive reflexology work? The principals are the same as reflexology but it has structured and supportive approach. Using tools, techniques and protocols to help improve…
Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

Feb 9 2021

Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

    CD  was suffering with Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). Plus other health conditions. She was particularly concerned about her hormones. Having not had a period for four months. CD wanted to manage her Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) condition. She wanted reflexology to help her hormones and support her. Her goal was to…
Self care

Feb 9 2021

Self Care

Self care when my kids were very young  didn’t exist. I remember going through a time where I felt completely overwhelmed, exhausted and had very little time for me. I was of a generation where putting yourself first was classed as selfish. As an adult it was considered not being entitled to feel the way…
Winter Feet Care Tips

Feb 4 2021

Winter Feet Care Tips

Winter Feet Care Tips Here are some some Winter Feet Care Tips. To keep your  feet  healthy during the winter months. Try to make sure your footwear is waterproof to prevent your feet becoming wet. If your feet do get wet dry thoroughly. A hair dryer can be useful for between the toes. Change your…
hormone help

Feb 4 2021

Hormone Help

Helen a 32 year old General Manager came to me for Fertility reflexology. She said I need hormone help. To reduce her stress levels and feel more balanced. She was already having acupuncture at this time.   She had been through an extremely difficult time. Her first pregnancy had sadly not gone according to plan.…
suffering from morning sickness

Feb 1 2021

Suffering from morning sickness

Suffering from morning sickness Suffering from morning sickness. Within a few days of discovering or realising you are pregnant  nausea or sickness often commences, over half of all women experience this. This is a very good sign and is caused by a rise in your HcG hormone. This is not the same as hyperemesis gravidarum…

Jan 26 2021

Reflexology aftercare advice

Reflexology aftercare advice   Reflexology aftercare advice.  After you have your reflexology treatment you may feel thoroughly relaxed. You should experience calm and a feeling of well-being, as stress and tension are relieved and your circulation is improved leaving all the systems of your body functioning fully and in their natural state.   Reflexology aftercare…
Stress and hormones

Jan 8 2021

Stress and Hormones

  Stress and Hormones Stress can have a big effect on our hormones and period health. High stress levels can decide if your body should temporarily stop ovulating and having periods. Stress and hormones I experienced when moving to a new house. This was a stressful time and my body stopped my periods for 3…
congratulations on your pregnancy

Nov 24 2020

Congratulations on your pregnancy

  Congratulations on your pregnancy   Congratulations on your pregnancy.  Early pregnancy the first time around is exciting but you can start to feel anxious or overwhelmed. You may experience many different feelings on both  emotionally, physically and mentally. Emotionally, you may be having an unplanned pregnancy (a big shock I know!) or perhaps it…

Feeling exhausted and overwhelmed

Feeling exhausted and overwhelmed   We all end up feeling exhausted and overwhelmed from time to time. It is a sign at these times that we need to start looking after number one. Listen to your alarm bells and pop the road humps in to help slow down as it is essential for our health…
struggling to conceive

Oct 28 2020

Struggling to Conceive

Struggling to Conceive   When Lauren came to see me she had been struggling to conceive for over a year.   ‘I had been struggling to conceive, I needed to feel like I was doing something to be a little bit more in control.’   Lauren is an extremely busy person, working as a sports…

Sep 27 2020

Feeling resilience

Feeling resilience   Are you feeling resilience? Or overloaded, overwhelmed and anxious?   We are all on an emotional roller coaster.   Although, we can make choices to help us feel more in control and to reduce the ‘what if’s’ whizzing around in our heads.   Believe in your ability to cope. Try and be…
listening to your body

Sep 15 2020

Listening to your body

Listening to your body Listening to your body. I remember a friend asking me what I was going to do at the weekend. My response was I will be listening to my body. She went on to say she would feel ‘guilty’ if she wasn’t doing anything!   It is very common in my practice…
trying to conceive for over a year

Jul 8 2020

Trying to conceive for over a year

  Trying to conceive for over a year A young lady came to see for fertility reflexology. They had been trying to conceive for over a year.   “I decided to try fertility reflexology. As I was struggling to get pregnant and had read online that reflexology can help.   After my first treatment I…
Hip Pain

Jun 29 2020

Hip Pain

Hip Pain   Sarah had been experiencing hip pain as a result of a horse riding accident. She had been speaking to a friend about her hip pain and she suggested trying reflexology.   When she arrived she felt very sad, her mood was low. The cortisone injections she had been having were no longer…
my wellbeing

Jun 9 2020


Wellbeing  For my wellbeing a healthy balanced diet is essential. I notice my energy is so much better, my body and skin also feel the benefits. I drink plenty of water and watch my sugar intake. I still have treat’s but in moderation. I struggle if I have a lack of sleep. It reminds me…
Why I became a reflexologist

Jun 3 2020

Why I became a reflexologist

Why I became a reflexologist Thought I would share with you why I became a reflexologist. I had been commuting and working in London as a PA. BC (before children) We decided to move to Oxfordshire and had 3 young children. Life was very full on, busy and with zero time for myself. I had…

May 17 2020

My Miscarriage

My Miscarriage My miscarriage. I can understand and appreciate the sudden loss of a miscarriage. Having experienced this in 1988. Upon discovering I was pregnant we were delighted and excited. At my scan around 18 weeks, I was told that there was a mass but it was not a baby. A second opinion was called…

Feb 19 2020


Peri-menopausal   Louise came to see me after being told that she was at peri-menopausal stage. Her own self-care had taken a back step due to a demanding job.   She realised that she needed to do something to help herself and made a resolution to book monthly treatments.   Louise needed some time out…
post natal depression

Oct 28 2019

Post Natal Depression (PND)

  Post Natal Depression (PND) Is Post Natal Depression affecting you? You may have had a straight forward pregnancy and have bloomed throughout or perhaps a very difficult nine months. The same goes for labour very quick, straightforward and natural or long with intervention that had not been planned either way it can be a…
Get Walking

May 6 2019

Get Walking

Get Walking Get walking. A a form of exercise which I really enjoy. Not only does it help you get fitter. It can help you emotionally to feel better. Perfect for fertility, pregnancy,  and helps our hormones and stress levels. What are the health benefits from walking: Improved mental/emotional wellbeing Helps our circulation Reduced risk…
How can I get pregnant

Mar 26 2019

How can I get pregnant

How can I get pregnant   This is a question that I get asked a lot, “how can I get pregnant?” The best thing you can do is to get yourself into the healthiest state possible. Make sure that you are a healthy weight, and eating as healthy as possible.   How can I get…
her goal was to conceive

Mar 3 2019

Her goal was to conceive

  Her goal was to conceive   Her goal was to conceive. Claire a 28-year-old Supervisor, came to see me for fertility reflexology treatments. She said her goal was to conceive.   She had high anxiety and stress levels due to her very busy job. With a lot of stress/tension headaches.   Her goal was…
I just want a baby

Feb 18 2019

I Just Want A Baby

I Just Want A Baby The first thing Jo had said to me is ‘I just want a baby’. Her  friend had recommended reflexology to Jo. Saying how great reflexology was for stress and fertility. She is a 30-year-old teacher. She had experienced an early loss miscarriage. She arrived feeling very upset and felt very…
Trying to conceive naturally

Feb 13 2019

Trying to conceive naturally

Trying to conceive naturally   Ali, a 29-year-old Accountant came to see me for fertility reflexology.   She was desperate to start a family. They had been trying to conceive naturally for over a year.   All tests had been carried out for them both and they had come back clear. Her GP suggested she…
What does self-care mean to you?

Nov 11 2018

What does self-care mean to you?

  Self-care   I regularly discuss with client’s the importance of self-care and what to do to help improve it. Self-care is about taking time out for yourself. Eating well, quality sleep, staying hydrated and exercising. We need to stay fit and healthy for both our physical, mental and emotional health. It is about considering…
summer feet

Jun 18 2018

Summer Feet

Summer Feet Summer is a happy time for our summer feet. So lovely after months of  being trapped inside boots, trainers and shoes. Here are some tips for keeping your feet happy and healthy. When cutting toe nails you cut across and don’t cut down the side of the nail. Ingrowing toe nails are very…
Karen Jones Reflexology

Jun 5 2018

Karen Jones Reflexology

  I am excited to announce I have changed my business name from Wellbeing Treatments to Karen Jones Reflexology. The name Wellbeing Treatments was originally used for my business as I wanted to explore other treatments as well as reflexology. I was also selling candles at this time so the name Wellbeing tied in nicely.…


      Breathe When suffering with stress or anxiety it is important to look at how you are breathing. As part of the nervous system we have the sympathetic nervous system which is stimulated in the stress response and the parasympathetic system which is responsible for resting and regeneration. When in stress response, the sympathetic nervous system responds by breathing…

Time to find balance

Time to find balance We need time to find balance. The way forward is to make small changes which are easy to stick with. So rather than changing your whole diet, you could change one meal daily. Perhaps breakfast, instead of cereal include protein eggs or nuts which will fill you up and provide you…
observing feet

May 14 2017

Observing Feet

  Observing feet   Observing feet some reflexologists believe that the different colours, shapes and temperature on the feet are indications of the physical and emotional health of the client. When a new client (or existing client) comes for a treatment after taking a full consultation I take a look at their feet. I use the following…
The History of Reflexology

Jan 15 2017

The History of Reflexology

The History of Reflexology The history of reflexology. Many different cultures and places independent of each other throughout history have had different forms of working on the feet to affect health including India, China, Far East, Egypt and Europe. Perhaps it even came about after our primitive ancestors ran and walked in bare feet over…
Body tension

Mar 12 2014

Body tension

Body tension   Body tension. Neck, shoulder, back tension can come about as a result of holding emotions inside our bodies. Some emotions can be embarrassing, painful or unpleasant as a result we can end up suppressing them as we don’t want to experience them as we don’t want family, partners, friends and the outside…
observing feet

Oct 4 2013

What is reflexology

What is Reflexology? Reflexology is an ancient technique where the feet mirrors the body which are mapped out into areas called reflex points. As a reflexologist I use my thumbs and fingers to work the reflex points on either the feet or hands. I work the reflexes to bring a response to the corresponding part…

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