How does exercise affect your hormones?


Whatever age you are, exercise should be a regular part of your life.




Keeping active encourages the body to maintain strength, supporting our cardiovascular, immune, digestive, respiratory and other systems – including the endocrine/hormone system.


How does exercise affect your hormones and what kind of exercise is best for hormone balancing?


If you are experiencing hormonal imbalance linked to PCOS, endometriosis, menopause or andropause. Between reflexology treatments exercise can be beneficial to improve your hormone balance.


The Best Forms Of Exercise For Hormone Balancing

Any form of exercise that suits your physical ability will help you have better hormone function.




Weight training




What Happens If You Don’t Exercise?

By not exercising you can end up with a sedentary lifestyle. This can encourage weight gain, impacting hormone function. Often leading to an unhealthy diet. Which all becomes a vicious circle.



Exercise is not the only answer when it comes to hormone balancing. It needs to be a part of helping to improve your overall well-being.


To find out more about adding reflexology treatments to your hormone balancing plan please feel free to contact me.