Preparing for pregnancy

When you are planning to conceive a baby naturally it is essential to increase your chances of conception and prepare your body before pregnancy.

The most important developments take place in the early weeks and so to ensure your body is in its best optimum condition to carry a baby by eliminating as many toxins from the body as possible.

A preconceptual programme of 3-4 months having regular sessions weekly, fortnightly or monthly can be very beneficial.

We look at your diet and lifestyle. Work on techniques to encourage  hormone balance. Provide relaxation and help increase  energy  levels so you have the  best chance of a happy healthy pregnancy.

Fertility Reflexology

There can be times when life does not go according to plan. One in three couples will experience fertility issues whilst trying to conceive a baby. Reproflexology, works in a number of ways to help enhance your natural fertility.

It can help stimulate and stabilise the hormone system whilst encouraging a normal cycle. Reflexology provides a calming effect on the the body & mind and by having regular treatments you may enhance your chances of conceiving.

Fertility reflexology is designed to help couples who are going through fertility issues or experiencing difficulty conceiving a baby. Regular reflexology treatments can help couples who are actively trying to conceive. Reflexology is a holistic treatment that addresses the physical and mental causes of infertility, from irregular menstrual cycles and existing medical conditions to stress and emotional issues.

Using different protocols depending upon where you are in your cycle to encourage the hormone system to balance.

I am delighted to offer this treatment. To find out more, about this natural treatment please contact me.

Having regular sessions can provide a calming effect. On the body and the mind whilst providing you with support.


How many fertility treatments will I need?

Regular treatments throughout your menstrual cycle are recommended. This will encourage the right conditions for fertility to take place.


What’s involved?

We will discuss your full medical history. Including lifestyle, diet, energy, fitness and your sleep patterns.

With this information we can decide on a plan of treatments.


The Association of Reproductive Reflexologists undertook a data collection study of 180 clients, who were receiving reproductive reflexology whilst trying to conceive.  

And here is the data….

100 Natural Conceptions

22   with IVF/ICSI

Age Range 24 -46

Average Number of Treatments 11.32

 68% conceived whilst receiving treatment.

Pregnancy with IVF/ICSI 52%

They also looked at a variety of conditions, and how they responded to reflexology, including male fertility issues and responses to IVF/ICSI, with positive results.










I had a course of treatment with Karen earlier in the year, to help me relax more and see if it could aid with fertility issues: after the first session,  I was hooked and slept better than I have in a long time!

The treatments are valuable not least because they feel great and Karen is such a calming and relaxing person to have around, but also the time that it gives you to step away from often hectic lives and indulge in some 'me' time. I felt 100% confident in Karen's abilities and she is a very easy person to get along with - it often felt like an old friend was popping over for a chat (with the added bonus of receiving some wonderful reflexology as well of course!).

She was also happy to answer my questions as we went along and I really liked her approach in general. The other thing that was fantastic, is that Karen travelled to my house: this meant no having to drive home after I was feeling a mix of both very relaxed and really quite energised at the same time!

HH, North West Oxfordshire

I came to Karen at a time in my life that was incredibly stressful and I was in a downhill spiral. Work and home life were both demanding my attention and on top of this my husband and I were unsuccessfully trying to start a family and going through fertility tests. The stress wasn't helping. A friend suggested I try reflexology. Not only did the reflexology massively help reduce my stress levels but it provided me with some very much needed "me time". The hour I spent at reflexology in Karen's relaxing clinic, with no mobile phone or blackberry or any other person demanding my attention became my sanctuary. In addition Karen's supportive nature and being an ear I could talk to has been invaluable. After treatments I could really notice the difference in my ability to cope with life, I slept restfully and generally felt better in myself. It has certainly helped me get through the tough times. I recommend Karen without any reservation.

LS, Benson