Covid-19  Policy


  • Strict hygiene practice is always of high importance to me. Hygiene and your safety is of paramount importance to me.


  • You will be asked to complete a risk assessment form before your treatment commences.


  • On arrival please declare if anything has changed with your health, or within your family unit.


  • Hand sanitiser (60%) alcohol will be used before entering my treatment room.


  • All treatments will be 60 minutes only.


  • You will need to bring face mask or scarf to wear during treatment.


  • 15 minutes will be allowed between clients to minimise contact with other clients.


  • In between clients all surfaces will be cleaned.


  • You must come to your appointment alone.


  • Please bring minimal items with you.


  • I am currently unable to offer drinks so please bring your own water.


  • Clean linen and towels are used for every client.


  • Tissues are available in sealed packets.


  • Contactless payment or BAC transfer is preferable.


  • Please cancel and reschedule your appointment if you have any Covid symptoms. Or if you have been in contact with someone who has had symptoms in the last 14 days.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.