After reflexology helped me with PMS and hormone imbalances I decided to train as a therapist. Qualifying in 2004.

Continuing developing my knowledge training in Fertility, Maternity, RLD and Facial Reflexology.



Karen Jones

In 2015 I attended and qualified in Facial Reflexology using techniques developed by Ziggie Bergman based on zone therapy. I returned at the end of July 2017 and qualified in Zone Facial Lift.

My passion for female health continues. I completed fertility Reproflexology Training with Barbara Scott in 2016.

I am delighted to have attend a Hot Stone Reflexology course with Sally Earlam. Which I know my client’s will love.


MS, Benson

The facial and foot reflexology treatment is the most relaxing treatment I have ever had. After my last session I also felt completely energised.I have noticed  an improvement  in my  sleep patterns , energy levels and general well being after  just a few sessions. 

FD, Didcot

Thank you Karen for my reflexology it never fails to help me relax. 

JW, Abingdon

I went to have a pregnancy session with Karen and it was fantastic. I really didn’t know what to expect and didn’t know that feet could be so powerful. It was so relaxing and it gave me 40 minutes just to sit and enjoy the calm and the tranquility. Karen is a wonderful woman, welcoming, kind and knowledge. With a million and one projects on the go and being pregnant this was a much needed treatment. I would highly recommend Karen.

NK, Wallingford

Thank you again for the fabulous treatment last week. You make such a beautiful difference in my life! 

NC, Didcot

I had reflexology with Karen, and she is amazing! I find relaxing very hard but she was able to ensure I felt ridiculously relaxed during and after each session. After struggling for 4 years to conceive our 2nd baby, I’m happy to say we got our miracle and she is about to turn 1 in 5 short weeks! 
Thank you Karen xxx 

HH, Oxford

I’m writing to let you know some exciting news – our son, Leo Joseph, was born at 5am on Sunday morning, after a very quick labour, and taking us by surprise arriving exactly two weeks before his official due date! It was a water birth in the spires midwife unit, and went as straightforwardly as these things can – we only got there at 2am and three hours later he was with us! I think the reflexology definitely helped me stay more prepared and relaxed in the last few weeks. We’re all well, discharged the same afternoon, and now getting to know each other at home.

LS, Benson

I came to Karen at a time in my life that was incredibly stressful and I was in a downhill spiral.   The stress wasn’t helping.  A friend suggested I try reflexology.  Not only did the reflexology massively help reduce my stress levels but it provided meWork and home life were both demanding my attention and on top of this my husband and I were unsuccesfully trying to start a family and going through fertility tests. with some very much needed “me time”.  The hour I spent at reflexology in Karen’s relaxing clinic, with no mobile phone or blackberry or any other person demanding my attention became my sanctuary.  In addition Karen’s supportive nature and being an ear I could talk to has been invaluable.  After treatments I could really notice the difference in my ability to cope with life, I slept restfully and generally felt better in myself.  It has certainly helped me get through the tough times.  I recommend Karen without any reservation.     

DS, Didcot

 Karen has Magic Hands! its definitely done wonders for me  I found Karen nearly a year ago, and I am so glad I did. When I first heard about hormonal reflexology, I travelled 160 miles or so to meet someone and have my 1st session. Due to the long distance and travelling, I could not maintain it so after 4 months, I randomly searched the net/ facebook and I came across Karen Jones’ page, and I have never looked back. I am a regular Friday night girl that returns each week for the magic. I have had a number of health issues, and being on medication for many years and not getting straight answers from the doctors. I turned to an holistic/therapeutic route and since I have, my health has only improved and I have managed to resolve some of my health issues without taking anything for it. My main concern was my hormones which have never been the same since the age of 16, so this has really done wonders for me. After 6 weeks of regular sessions, I could see the difference in my health which is why I have continued this approach. We spend all our lives running around and making money, so why not invest in yourself for once! Karen is a very professional and a lovely human being. She has a heart of Gold and I am so happy that I have found her! All my stress levels and discomfort is left outside Karen’s treatment room, and once I am there, I can just relax and be myself. Karen is a great listener and a very positive person, and will always go above and beyond to guide me and follow through my health concerns. Having regular reflexology has just not helped me with my hormones, it in fact has given me a boost and I feel energetic and alive once I have had my treatment. Matter of fact, some of my health issues have even disappeared so I have been able to stop my body from deteriorating. I cannot recommend Karen enough, she really does have magic hands, and I love the time we spend in treatment and even the hour long chats we have at the end sometimes! Thank you very much and I really do appreciate all that you have done for me so far. I hope to maintain this relationship for a very long time.

LK, Ewelme 

I just wanted to say how lovely it was to meet you yesterday. Thank you ever so much for my complimentary treatment, I absolutely loved it. I came away feeling so relaxed, but also I didn’t feel tired or lethargic – I just felt good. I slept very well last night too (until someone got us up at least)! I will certainly be recommending you and I hope to be able to come back for another session at some point.

RB, Wallingford 

I used Karen for reflexology before and during my pregnancy, and I personally found it really helpful and I would highly recommend to anybody, not just for pregnancy. Karen was kind, always offering good advice and I would finish the session feeling totally relaxed!

HC, Abingdon

Thank you again for the session, it was totally relaxing. And much needed towards the end of my pregnancy.


CC, Didcot

I’ve been having monthly treatments with the lovely Karen for a while now, and it’s absolute heaven! Her treatment room is extremely welcoming and cosy with the heated couch. And I always feel so relaxed and balanced after my treatment. Highly recommend to anyone ☺️


AW, Berinsfield 

I wanted some me time once a month so decided to start having reflexology treatments with Karen and can honestly say it’s the best decision I’ve made. I would highly recommend a visit.Karens cabin is so warm and welcoming, especially in winter when the couch is warm and cosy. Karen is so friendly and a great listener giving advice on health and wellbeing. The treatment totally relaxes me, improves my mood and I’m guaranteed a good nights sleep after each treatment.Thanks for everything Karen. 

SL, Abingdon

I recently experienced my first facial reflexology with Karen. I must admit I was a little unsure what to expect, I am renowned for not relaxing easily. On arrival, I was met by Karen who immediately put me at ease, she has a lovely manner, authentic and naturally warm. One hour later I felt completely relaxed and de-stressed. I went home fell asleep in the sofa, it was the evening, that night I had the best night sleep for months.  The following day was the day from hell at work, everything that could go wrong did. I just felt completely in control and calm . 

To sum up in two words ‘ absolutely  fabulous’. Highly recommended. 


GL, Didcot

After receiving a gift voucher I gave reflexology with Karen a try with admittedly, a good dose of cynicism over what it would actually do. Stressed from work, perfectionism and too many commitments but wanting to conceive and concerned by an irregular cycle, I found the treatment relaxing and decided to give it a go regularly for a few months. I really didn’t expect how much calmer and level-headed I would feel, let alone that I would fall pregnant within 2 months! I definitely attribute it in part to remaining calm and strong during pregnancy for the last 9 months. Making a conscious effort to complement the treatments with some mindset changes seemed to work wonders and the stress melted away, leaving sessions with Karen a perfect way to remain in balance as some regular me time. I even had comments from family and friends saying I seemed to be less stressed and highly strung! I would recommend Karen and reflexology to anyone and will continue to go regularly. Thank you!